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Audiology Services

Akron General's audiology staff offers individual attention and professional support to those with hearing and balance disorders at several outpatient locations throughout the community, as well as to hospital patients. In order to best serve our patients, we encourage family members and friends to participate in the evaluation and treatment process, since hearing loss involves both the listener and the speaker.

The treatment process begins with an evaluation. Our audiology staff offers diagnostic testing for hearing and balance disorders at Akron General's Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Institute - White Pond. During an evaluation, which requires a physician's order, we will test the outer, middle and inner ear responses to sound, words, pressure and noise. Tests for vertigo or dizziness measure the inner ear's balance response.

Following the evaluation, we will discuss the results and answer any questions you or your family may have. We may recommend that you see your physician, either to treat a medical problem or to obtain medical clearance for fitting of a hearing aid. If the loss is not severe enough for a hearing aid, suggestions for developing new visual and listening skills will be discussed.

If hearing aids are recommended, the audiologist will prescribe and dispense the most appropriate technology at the best cost. We also provide long-term maintenance and repair services for all hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased.

Most insurance plans cover diagnostic audiology tests if ordered by a physician. Hearing aid services are not covered by most insurance plans, but payment plans are available. You can schedule for hearing aid services without a physician's referral.

Call Akron General's Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Institute - White Pond at 330-869-6014 to schedule an appointment at any of our convenient locations.

 Date Updated: 08-APR-2013


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