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Our Bariatric Program

The Process

By considering bariatric surgery, you are making a decision that will completely change your life for the better. And for us, nothing is more satisfying than helping our patients. But the decision is both serious and personal. So we make every effort possible to provide a positive experience that answers all of your questions or concerns.

While every situation is unique, the typical process of becoming a patient follows this path:

1. Patient completes and returns the Medical History form (see below).
2. Dr. Chlysta, Medical Director of the Bariatric Center, reviews each patient profile.
3. Our Bariatric Program Secretary will call the insurance company to check the patient's benefit coverage, and then calls the patient to share that insurance information and schedules an appointment for the patient with the Bariatric Center.
4. The patient will be scheduled with Dr. Chlysta, the surgeon, and our Nurse Practitioner (NP) to review their medical, surgical & weight loss history.
5. If there is a decision to proceed, the following appointments will be scheduled before you leave the office:
  • Psychological evaluation to assess mental readiness for bariatric surgery
  • Education class to review what to anticipate in the hospital and what to expect once the patient is home
  • Consultation with our dietitian to assess current nutrition and dietary practices
6. The Nurse Practitioner will meet with you monthly for supervised weight loss, which is required by most insurance companies. Details will be given to you at your first appointment.
7. The bariatric team reviews the results of all the evaluations.
8. Pertinent information is sent to the insurance company to request authorization to proceed with surgery.
9. After insurance approval, necessary tests will be ordered and scheduled. These tests include: EKG, chest x-ray, upper GI, labs and breathing tests.
10. Results of all tests and evaluations are sent to Dr. Chlysta for review. You will be given an appointment with Dr. Chlysta to review the test results with him.
11. If there are no risks related to health complications, surgery is scheduled. If a problem is identified from testing results, then the patient is sent to a specialist for surgical clearance.
12. Day of surgery: Expected length of stay in the hospital is 2 days for Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y) and Gastric Sleeve and 1 day for gastric banding.
13. Follow-up appointments with Dr. Chlysta and the bariatric team are at 2 weeks after surgery, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and at one-year, then yearly for the rest of your life.

We offer a very structured post-operative follow-up plan. In addition, to meeting with Dr. Chlysta regularly, we have a very competent network of independent support personnel including dietitians, psychologists, medical physicians, physical therapists and exercise physiologists.

Our results are usually excellent. In fact, we have higher success rates than the national average. Dr. Chlysta will discuss results with you personally at your appointment. You can even meet past patients at our monthly support group meetings and ask them about their experience and results.

Please download and print the medical history form below or call our office at 330.344.1950 to have one mailed to you. Fill out the forms and mail them to the address on the last page of the medical history form.

Medical History Form Download       
Medical History
Form Download

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