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Critical Care


Access to Expert Care Quickly
Because of our advanced level of care and participation in research, Akron General's Critical Care Center receives patients from other area hospitals and hospitals all over the state of Ohio. Our emergency ground and air transport service allows physicians to choose the right type of transportation to Akron General from counties across the state of Ohio in order to transport patients here as quickly and safely as possible. Vehicles, which are staffed by experienced critical care nurses and paramedics, offer some of the same technology as advanced emergency departments and intensive care units.

Patients and their physicians have the reassurance of 24-hour access to critical care specialty units, as well as our stroke and trauma teams. Our units are staffed by critical care intensivists around the clock who are available for consult within five minutes and provide clinical care exclusively to critical care patients. Akron General's Critical Care Center has fully implemented and supercedes ICU Physician Staffing recommendations (IPS) of The Leapfrog Group - an initiative driven by organizations that purchase healthcare while working to initiate breakthrough improvements in safety, quality and efficiency in the healthcare field.

Capable and Ready to Treat the Most Severe Illnesses and Injuries

Our physicians care for both medical and surgical patients and have experience in treating patients with the most vital care needs, including stroke, sepsis, trauma and more. Critical care nurses staff Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU), Intermediate Cardiac Care (ICC), Intermediate Progressive Care (IPC), Medical Intensive Care Unite (MICU), Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NSICU) and Surgical Intensive Care (SICU).

Akron General's Critical Care Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients who are suffering from complications or advanced forms of life threatening illness or injury. Critical care physicians also work with specialists in other areas, such as Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Interventional Radiology, Cardiology and Gynecology, depending on the needs of the patient, to provide the best, most comprehensive care available.

Family and friends may visit patients during visiting hours.

Date Updated: 31-DEC-2014

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