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Edwin Shaw - Comprehensive, Fully Accredited Rehab Services

Therapist and Patient During TreatmentEdwin Shaw Rehabilitation is the area's most experienced and accredited rehabilitation hospital facility.

Patients trust Edwin Shaw because of our experience and clinical excellence in these areas, but also because rehab service is what we do all day, every day.

We help patients - inpatients and outpatients – reduce the extent of their disabilities and be as independent as possible. Our rehabilitation-certified professionals and support staff use dedication, skill, compassion and understanding to help our patients rebuild their lives through physical therapy and other rehab services.

For more information about the rehab services available at Edwin Shaw, call 330.436.0910.

Inpatient Rehab Services
Amputee Care
Balance and Fall Prevention
Brain Injury (Traumatic and Non-Traumatic)
Neuromuscular Disorders and Diseases
Occupational Therapy
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Speech-Language Therapy
Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation 
Trauma/Post Trauma Rehabilitation
Recreation Therapy
Respiratory Therapy

Outpatient Rehab Services
Amputee Clinic
Arthritis Rehabilitation
Back Pain
Balance and Fall Prevention
Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Challenge Golf Program
Driver's Evaluation Program & Biopic Driver Training
Fitness Plus
Functional Capacity Evaluation
Neuromuscular Disorders and Diseases
Occupational Therapy
Osteoporosis Prevention
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Recreation Therapy

Seating Clinic
Speech-Language Therapy
Swallowing Evaluation
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Voice Program
Warm Water Therapy
Wheelchair Assessment
Work Conditioning

Date Updated: 18-APR-2016

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