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Occupational Therapy

Based on tests that assess deficits in attention span, problem-solving skills, following directions, memory and organization of thoughts, occupational therapists develop a program of activities that improve patients' ability to manage day-to-day functions on their own.

Visual Perception. Identification and management of visual perception problems are important, because perception problems affect self-care activities. Along with this, other important abilities are practiced, such as arm and hand function including strength, coordination and range of motion.

Adaptive equipment, such as weighted eating utensils and suction cup denture brushes, are provided when needed. Therapists sometimes construct positioning splints for the hands to prevent contractures. Serial casting may be used to decrease the tone and increase the range of motion for a spastic arm.

With time, determination and the caring guidance of an occupational therapist, patients can increase their independence by regaining the skills they need for eating, dressing, personal hygiene and homemaking.

Date Updated: 04-MAR-2008

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