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Back & Spine

We Have Help for Your Back Pain
We have help for your Back PainIf you have back pain, or know someone who’s suffered from it, you understand how challenging it can be. The back and spine, supported by your core muscles, is the center of your body. And when you have back pain, often the rest of your body is in pain too.

Symptoms of back and spinal conditions may include:

  • A dull ache
  • Shooting or stabbing pain in the legs, arms or back
  • Numbness or weakness in the arms, hands and legs

According to the National Institutes of Health, eight out of 10 people suffer from low back pain or upper back pain at some point in their lifetime. While it can sometimes go away on its own, back pain caused by chronic or inherited conditions, such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease or scoliosis, requires the expertise of a Neurology and Neurosurgery team, like that found at Akron General’s Neuroscience Institute.

Diagnosing the source of back pain is the first step in managing and treating both upper and lower back pain. Advanced diagnostics, like those found at our community locations, can include:

Treatments for spinal and back pain and other conditions vary widely based on the cause of discomfort and may include:

  • Conservative management – physical therapy and/or medication
  • Injections or nerve blocks to help alleviate pain
  • Surgery performed at Akron General

Advanced technology, such as intraoperative MRI and CT machines, and the clinical experience of our team, coupled with specialized back and spine rehabilitation services of Edwin Shaw and Akron General Sports Medicine, makes Akron General a top Ohio choice for back and spine pain treatment.

Akron General’s Neuroscience Institute offers treatment for the following back and spine concerns:

For more information about Akron General’s Neuroscience Institute, call 330.344.3100.

Date Updated: 07-APR-2017

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