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Smart OR

For patients facing a brain or spine surgery, Akron General’s Neuroscience Institute is proud to offer the area’s most advanced care. With access to technologies only available at a limited number of hospitals in the nation, patients and their families can rest assured knowing that they will receive the best care provided by highly trained and compassionate team.

Akron General’s Smart OR offers intraoperative (during surgery) imaging, including MRI and CT scanning systems. These dedicated surgical suites allow Akron General’s neurosurgeons to evaluate brain and spine images during surgery, not afterward, in order to improve accuracy and preserve as much healthy tissue and neural pathways as possible.

Previously, a patient would undergo surgery and have to wait a day or two for follow-up imaging to determine the success of the procedure. If the imaging showed a need for additional surgery, the patient would be scheduled for a second operation. With the Smart OR, the surgeons are able to evaluate the success during the surgery and make adjustments while the patient is still in the operating room, rather than during an additional procedure.

For our patients and their families, this means they have access to a better surgery with increased accuracy, increased patient safety, reduced re-operation rates, faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays, less anesthesia and expedited additional treatment when necessary.

Additionally, the Smart OR is located on the same floor as the Neuro Intensive Care Unit where patients recover from surgery, which further enhances patient care and safety.

For more information about brain or spine surgery at Akron General, call the Neuroscience Institute at 330-344-3100.

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