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Occupational Therapy

Akron General understands the importance of recovering from an injury or illness and getting back to your life. Sometimes recovery requires rehabilitation, including occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy, which treats the social, mental, emotional, environmental and physiological effects of illness and injury, can help you, our patient, become or remain independent. Occupational therapists give patients the "skills for the job of living," such as caring for themselves, cooking, homemaking and working. They work with people of all ages who, because of illness, injury or impairment, need to relearn skills to return to productive, independent and satisfying lives.

Our occupational therapists work together with your other healthcare providers to help guide you down the road to recovery, including life after being discharged from the hospital. Physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, social workers and care managers work together with you and your family to prepare for discharge.

While we always strive for patients to return home safely following discharge, Akron General works with you and your family to recommend the best place, which could include a rehab hospital, like Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Institute or Lodi Community Hospital, a skilled nursing facility or at home with assistance from our Visiting Nurse Service. Overall, our therapists will help you achieve your goals at every level of your recovery, from your acute care stay to outpatient rehab.

The rehabilitation process is different for every patient. Sometimes it requires highly specialized types of therapy or different combinations of therapy. Occupational Therapy works closely with Physical Therapy, as well as Speech and Language Therapy.

Date Updated: 09-APR-2013

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