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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is just one subspecialty offered by the Radiology Department at Akron General Medical Center. Our experienced radiologists and technologists, specializing in nuclear medicine, work with patients and referring physicians to help offer additional information about a condition or suspected issue. After the results are received, patients should talk with their primary care or referring physician about the results and to see if additional tests are needed.

Using a specialized gamma camera and a radioactive pharmaceutical, sometimes described as a dye or tracer, radiologists are able to see a series of images and understand better how an organ is functioning. The tracer can be given to the patient by mouth, intravenously, through a catheter or in the spinal fluid. Different types of tracers are used for different organs. The tracer is absorbed by the organ of interest and emits gamma rays, which are then detected by a gamma camera. A computer processes the pictures and the end result is a series of images that a radiologist can interpret.

During imaging sessions, patients will be asked to lie still for between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the type of test. Akron General offers some of the most advanced imaging equipment available, such as the dual headed gamma cameras. Images are taken and processed twice as fast - and that means convenience and comfort for our patients.

Nuclear medicine imaging is safe and effective. The tracer is typically excreted out of the body through normal means or simply loses the small amount of radioactivity that it originally had.

Reasons your physician might order nuclear imaging:

  • Infection
  • Bone fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Bleeding of the bowel
  • Blood flow issues
  • Cancer or benign tumors
  • Gallbladder blockage
  • Heart function
  • Abnormal thyroid function

Nuclear imaging tests offered at Akron General Medical Center

  • PET (Positron Emission Tomography)

Nuclear imaging, including cardiac imaging, can be performed at Akron General Medical Center. Nuclear cardiac imaging can also be performed at Akron General's Health & Wellness Center - West. Patients must have a referral from their physician for radiology procedures. For more information on Nuclear Imaging at Akron General, call 330.344.6445. To schedule an appointment, call 330.344.5760.


 Date Updated: 19-APR-2016


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