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Speech & Language Pathology

At Akron General, we understand how important access to comprehensive speech and language pathology services are to our patients and their families. That's why we work with our patients to accommodate their needs, whether they are an inpatient, outpatient or transitioning patient. We also know that our patients will have questions, which is why we focus on educating and supporting our patients and their families throughout their therapy at Akron General. 

In addition, our therapists often work collaboratively with physical and occupational therapists, as some patients require multiple therapies. For instance, stroke victims often require physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Speech and language pathology is an integral aspect of rehabilitation and our therapists are committed to working together to maximize our patients' outcomes.

Akron General's Speech & Language Pathology Department treats common speech and language disorders, as well as common medical conditions that cause speech, language or swallowing disorders.

 Date Updated: 29-MAY-2014

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