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Our neurosurgeons are skilled in treating a range and complexity of needs including spinal, brain and pituitary tumors, strokes, epilepsy and more. Often times, people think of a neurosurgeon as a person who operates only on the brain. Neurosurgeons actually specialize in treating the brain, spinal column and cord, but also other nerves throughout the body, including those of the hands, arms, face and legs.

Akron General offers advanced techniques for procedures, such as craniotomies, which help relieve pressure on the brain and allow surgeons to perform some of the most delicate procedures with a smaller incision. Patients also benefit from cutting-edge precision of the Brain Lab, a technology offered by Akron General, which uses a CAT scan to help surgeons precisely map the brain and other areas of the head. Because no two people are the same and differences are measured in millimeters, this state-of-the-art equipment means safety and better results for our patients.

Neurosurgeons also play a key role in Akron General's Stroke and Trauma Teams, which are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and ready to meet patients at the door. By offering 24-hour emergency availability to operating rooms, diagnostics, and the latest techniques in intervention and rehabilitation, we give patients the best chance for a survival and a full recovery. And that's great news for patients and their families.

Date Updated: 16-AUG-2010

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