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Urologic Surgery

Over a lifetime, most people will experience some kind of urologic issue. They can be more than just uncomfortable, but affect your overall health and include conditions such as infection, infertility, incontinence, inflammation, cancer, and kidney stones. Getting diagnosed and getting the appropriate treatment quickly is important. That's why Akron General's Department of Urology offers a range of services including evaluation, consultation and treatment for urologic issues. Here you'll find more about our services, physicians and important information for patients and their families.

Robotic Surgery for Urologic Procedures
Akron General now offers minimally invasive urologic surgery using the state-of-the-art da VinciĀ® Robotic Surgical System. Not all procedures are appropriate for robotic surgery. Learn more about robotic surgery at Akron General and view a list of physicians currently performing robotic procedures.

 Date Updated: 06-MAR-2012

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