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Sports Medicine

Everyone's an Athlete

Cleveland Clinic Request AppointmentAkron General Sports Medicine specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic and sports-related conditions. We have the largest sports medicine staff in the area. Sports medicine doctors and therapists work together to evaluate and treat patients on an individual basis. Each year, we help thousands of people find the road to recovery, relieve their pain and achieve peak performance.

How Do You Know When It's a "Sports" Injury?

When to Seek Sports Medicine Care
Any time your active lifestyle causes you an injury, you can trust Akron General Sports Medicine for your care. Discomfort from a number of seemingly innocent activities - walking the dog, jogging, working around the house - can lead to more serious and complicated problems if they aren't properly addressed.

There's no need to worry about getting a referral ahead of time: call us for an appointment right away. Our Sports Medicine doctors will keep your primary care physician informed of your visits and treatment.

Just because you're not engaged in serious or competitive sports when you sustain an injury, it does not mean you shouldn't seek a Sports Medicine professional opinion. We believe that everyone is an athlete in their own way.

Our staff includes the most comprehensive group of Sports Medicine professionals in the region:

  • Board-certified Sports Medicine primary care doctors and orthopaedic surgeons
  • Certified athletic trainers
  • Licensed physical therapists
  • Certified strength & conditioning specialists
  • Certified exercise physiologists
  • Certified personal trainers

Programs for High School Athletic Departments

Our physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapist provide an on-site medical coverage year-round at high schools and community athletic events.

We also offer preparticipation physical evaluations for high school athletes every spring and fall. Students receive complete orthopaedic evaluations including musculoskeletal exams and flexibility checks by physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists. We also provide cardiovascular tests and body fat measurements for your athletes upon request.

Continuing education programs for coaches are available several times a year that meet Ohio State High School Athletic Association educational requirements. Educational seminars are available for skiers, runners, soccer players, high school athletes, cyclists and others to teach injury prevention and treatment, conditioning techniques and nutrition. Our sports medicine professionals also speak to groups.

Special Event Medical Coverage

Having a community 5k run or walk? We also can provide on-site medical coverage at community athletic events. Ask us about the type of coverage that's right for your event.

 Date Updated: 13-MAR-2017

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