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Diabetes Center


Akron General's Diabetes Center patients receive an assessment and one-on-one attention from a nurse educator and dietitian to help determine individualized needs. Based on the results and interview, our diabetes education team works together to create a customized plan of education for the patient.

Diabetes Educational Plans May Cover:

  • General knowledge of diabetes
  • Controlling high and low blood sugar
  • Diabetes medications
  • Meal planning (dining out, reading food labels, carbohydrate counting)
  • General hygiene and skin foot care
  • Preventing diabetes-related complications
  • Diabetes management in illness
  • Community and healthcare resources
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Home glucose monitoring
  • Daily living concerns and family involvement
  • Benefits and responsibilities of care
  • Stress Management

Group classes and individual counseling sessions are available for hospitalized patients and on an outpatient basis. Evening classes are made available, as needed.

Comprehensive Care for Diabetes

Diabetes Center educators work with specialists, other Akron General departments and outside organizations, as necessary, to create a care plan, which may include treatment for other conditions related to diabetes and home health care.

Other specialists which may be involved in care:

Heart & Vascular Center
Wound Center
Pain Management
Center for Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Getting Started

A physician referral is needed to enroll in the program, so discuss diabetes education with your doctor today. Many health plans offer partial or full payment for diabetes education. Ask your health plan administrator for more details.

Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend with patients. For more information about Akron General's Diabetes Center and our education programs, call 330.344.7791.

Individual Consultation

During an individual consultation with a nurse educator and/or dietitian, we will provide you with education materials and instructions to help you manage your diabetes. If you would like further education, you may participate in one of our group programs.

Group Diabetes Education Classes

We offer a comprehensive two-day group class.

Pre-Pregnancy Counseling

For women who have diabetes prior to pregnancy, good blood sugar control is critical. During your consultations, we will work with you to increase your knowledge and with your physician to achieve the best blood sugar control throughout your pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes Counseling

During your consultation, you will learn about gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) and the importance of meal planning and home blood glucose monitoring. Follow up is available during and after your pregnancy for assistance in weight loss.

Diabetes Support Groups

With various topics, this group meets four to six times each year. Call 330.344.2462 or 330.344.7791 for more information.

Dining with Diabetes

This low-cost class provides important and helpful diabetes education if you have no insurance or coverage for diabetes education.

Date Updated: 27-MAY-2016

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