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Offering the Best Care Available

Entrance to the Akron General Heart and Vascular CenterOften, diseases that affect the cardiovascular system also affect other areas of the body, including the nervous system. With this in mind, Akron General developed a comprehensive and collaborative approach to treating heart and vascular patients by combining these specialties into one center. The physical proximity of our services and staff in the Center, and their collaborative relationships with doctors help us offer our patients absolute comprehensive care.

By offering a wide range of disease related services in one location, patients have access to a full spectrum of care at one location – the Akron General Heart & Vascular Center – making the treatment process easier and less stressful, from diagnosis, through treatment, rehabilitation and beyond.

Patient Undergoing Stress TestWhy 40,000 People Each Year Trust Our Heart & Vascular Center
Since our founding, the Akron General Heart & Vascular Center's dedication to understanding, controlling and preventing heart and vascular diseases reflects our core purpose - getting patients well and keeping them well. Our goal is to provide you, our patient, with the highest level of cardiac and vascular care from the best and brightest professionals using the latest technology.

What Can You Expect When you Come to the Center?
 Patients coming to the Akron General Heart & Vascular Center will find all of our outpatient services in one location. After checking in, personalized attention will be given to you and your family by our staff and clinicians.  

Patients visiting for an outpatient procedure stay in a unique, modern area, just adjacent to the Center's lobby area. A pager is given to families that will notify them when their loved one's procedure is complete and when their physician is ready to meet with them.

Valet service is available at the Heart & Vascular Center. Patients can also park in our Ambulatory Care Center and walk across the street to the Center's main entrance.

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