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Center Specialists

Cardiac and vascular disease treatment may include prevention, education, acute intervention, diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation. Our experienced specialists lead one of the largest facilities in Northeast Ohio.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes specialists in:

  • Vascular Surgery
  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Nephrology
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Cardiology

Need a physician? Call our free physician referral service at 330-344-AGMC (2462), or Find a Doctor online.

  Bhakta, Shyam MD
  Bittenbender, Peter M. MD
  Black, Glenn R. MD
  Chaffee, Roger B. MD
  Cutler, David A. MD
  Donelan, Brian J. MD
  Fannin, Stephen W. MD
  Garg, Anubhav MD
  Haque, Ihsan Ul MD
  Hegde, Vinayak A. MD
  Heupler, Stephen M. MD
  Hodsden, James E. MD
  Iler, Mark A. MD
  Isada, Loretta R. MD
  Karimian, Hojat MD
  Keyser, Philip H. MD
  Klautky, Stephen A. MD
  Litman, George I. MD
  Moodispaw, Paul F. MD
  Munoz, Fernando X. MD
  Newton, Daniel J. MD
  Niedermaier, Otfried N. MD
  Ofori, Cyril S. MD
  Pai, Vinay M MD
  Pelini, Michael A. MD
  Pietrolungo, Joseph F. D.O.
  Pordon, Cynthia M. D.O.
  Redle, Joseph D. MD
  Rubin, David N. MD
  Saleem, Tariq MD
  Schweikert, Robert A. MD
  Smith, Jason K. MD
  Taigen, Tyler L. MD
  Tsai, A. Roger MD

  Baranek, Robert A. MD
  Kamienski, Robert W. MD
  Lahorra, Joseph MD
  Netzley, Robert G. MD
  Schwann, Thomas A. MD
  Stocker, Patrick J. MD
  Wilson, William R. Jr. MD

  Anderson, Darryl P. MD
  Boshkos, Christopher MD
  Chaturvedi, Preti B. MD
  Deo, Datinder Bir S. MD
  Eltayeb, Babiker O. MD
  Gayomali, Charina P. MD
  Kayani, Thomas J. MD
  May, Richard E. MD
  Phinney, Melinda S. MD
  Raina, Rupesh MD
  Ray, Susan M. MD
  Relia, Nitin MD
  Schwarze, Karl D. MD
  Subbarao, Kuchibhotla MD
  Tanphaichitr, Natthavat MD
  Zarconi, Joseph MD
  Zidehsarai, Miriam P. D.O.

  Azzam, Raed MD
  Cohen, Bruce H. MD
  Dupont, Stefan A. MD, Ph.D
  Freiberg, William J. D.O.
  Friedman, Norman M. MD
  Gebel, James M. Jr. MD
  Novak, William J. MD
  Reed, Deborah A. MD
  Sheppard, Christopher A. MD
  Spolter, Yonatan S. MD

  Diwakar, Amit MD

  Kamienski, Robert W. MD
  Netzley, Robert G. MD
  Persky, James M. MD
  Walker, Gregory W. D.O.
  Wright, Dennis J. MD
  Zink, Jill N. MD

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