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Easy scheduling for your appointments.

Doctors' Appointments
Schedule your next visit with an Akron General provider.

Need help by phone? Our staff is available Monday – Friday to help you find a doctor who's accepting new patients by calling 330-344-2273 (CARE).

Akron General Partners Physician Group
330-344-2273 (CARE)

Weekdays:  8 am – 5 p.m.      

Other Appointments
If your physician is sending you to Lodi Community Hospital for a service or procedure, his or her office will usually schedule the appointment. If you are asked to schedule your own appointment or need to reschedule based on your availability, you can request an appointment by calling our Laboratory Department between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at 330-948-5523 or 1-888-520-6000 ext. 85523 or our Radiology Department between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at 330-948-5531 or 1-888-520-6000 ext. 85531. Please have your physician's order ready when you call. 

Lodi Community Hospital will call before your service or procedure to ensure we have the correct information (address, insurance information, etc.) to expedite your appointment with us.

Patient Registration
Lodi Community Hospital
225 Elyria Street, Lodi, Ohio, 44254
330-948-1222, ext. 85526, or
1-888-520-6000, ext. 85526

Medicare Questions
330-948-1222, ext. 85509 or
1-888-520-6000, ext. 85509

Patient Financial Services
330-948-1222, ext. 85508 or
1-888-520-6000, ext. 85508

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