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Urologic issues can be life-altering, whether patients are facing infection, infertility, incontinence, inflammation, kidney stones or even a cancer diagnosis. These urologic issues can be more than just uncomfortable, but affect your overall health and quality of life. Getting diagnosed and getting the appropriate treatment quickly is important. That's why Lodi Hospital offers Urology care close to home.

As a part of Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Lodi Hospital provides access to a specialized team of urology doctors that offer evaluation and treatment for conditions.

Dr. Mike Gangel is board-certified in urology and provides his patients with compassionate, comprehensive urologic care for men and women for the following:

  • Incontinence, difficulty urinating, urinary tract infections and prolapse
  • Kidney stones
  • Prostate, kidney and bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Erectile dysfunction and vasectomies 

Referrals and new patients welcome. Please call 330.948.5508.

Meet Dr. Mike Gangel, Urologist

Date Updated: 14-DEC-2016

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