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Ways of Giving

give nowThe decision to give is a very personal one. The day comes when you determine you want your financial strength to serve others, to make a lasting gift that will touch lives. We often share this quote with the extraordinary people we meet - "It's within everyone's power to give money away, but it's not within everyone's power to give it away wisely." Making a gift to Lodi Hospital is an investment in the future of healthcare for your community.

Here you will find descriptions of several different "Ways of Giving" in which you may choose to make a lasting contribution. For more information on making a gift to Lodi Hospital, please call the Development Department at 330.948.5518.

Annual Appeal Gifts
For those interested in helping the hospital with its highest priority need in any given year, support of our Annual Appeal through a gift of cash or securities is an ideal choice.

The Annual Appeal focus is selected after careful scrutiny by our Board of Directors, supported by hospital staff members and volunteers. Past Annual Appeals have supported projects like Kids Care, which provides pediatric medical equipment and training to Emergency Medical Squads in our community.

The Annual Appeal project is one you can be sure is a priority - a place where your much-appreciated donation will make a lasting difference.

Memorial / Tribute Gifts
In those times when you want to remember, or honor, a special person or occasion in your life, a Memorial/Tribute gift is an ideal choice. Memorial/Tribute donations can help our patients in many meaningful ways. At the time you make a Memorial/Tribute gift, we immediately inform those in whose name it is given. Memorial/Tribute gifts are a very meaningful and personal way to help others in ways that count.

Many of our donors have been most comfortable giving their gift of choice to the hospital through a bequest in their will.

You can select whether the funds or assets are allocated to a particular department or need at the hospital or allow us to determine the area of greatest need. All gifts are 100 percent deductible from the total value of your estate, reducing estate taxes.

Bequests offer a unique opportunity to create a lasting memorial to your generosity and desire to be of service to others. These are enduring gifts that can become a permanent part of the hospital.

For more information on how you can make a difference in the lives that follow, visit

Charitable Life Insurance: Akron General Life
Akron General Life is a wonderful opportunity for your desire to be of help to find the highest expression.

Charitable Trusts
The creation of a charitable trust is often the most enduring gift a person can give to others. Charitable Trusts are also a very astute financial decision, which can be tailored to fit your needs exactly. Below is an example, which outlines just one type of trust.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams, through a lifetime of wise fiscal management, find themselves financially secure, owning their own home and several income-producing investments. They decide to use company stock originally purchased for $100,000, now worth $1,000,000, to create a trust at Lodi Hospital. To fit their needs and the needs of their children, the trust is set up to provide 6 percent interest annually to Mr. and Mrs. Williams. They use $30,000 of the annual interest to supplement their income and the remaining $30,000 to purchase a $1,000,000 insurance policy payable to the trust tax free upon the death of both persons. There is no capital gains tax due on the stock's appreciation. The Williams receive more annual income and their children receive the original $1,000,000 for the insurance policy upon their death.

Gifts of Stocks and Bonds
Your donation of stocks and bonds to Lodi Hospital can help people in ways identical to cash donations but offers you, the donor, some significant advantages.

For instance, you may deduct the full fair-market value of your gift from your income for tax purposes (up to the limits set by Congress). Also, in most cases, you can avoid the capital gains tax on the sale of your stocks and bonds.

All who choose to support Lodi Hospital through donations recognize the timeless human values they are supporting. It's reassuring to know that your gift can make wise financial sense as well.

Date Updated: 07-MAR-2017

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