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Orthopedic Institute

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Orthopedic Institute

When you're ready to do something about the pain, we're here to help. You may not be an Olympic athlete, but consider yourself an active person. And no way should you trade life's great experiences, like playing 18 holes of golf or hiking the trails with your dog, for a recliner.

If you find yourself relying on pain relievers and shying away from activities you used to enjoy due to the stiffness or pain, it may be time to see a Cleveland Clinic Akron General Orthopedic Institute doctor - one who specializes in getting you back into motion.

Akron General orthopedic, rheumatology and rehabilitation doctors evaluate and treat conditions affecting your joints, bones and muscles. They have dedicated their practice to fine tuning your body's mechanics to work in a smoother, more natural motion, with as little pain as possible. You can rely on Akron General to help you feel better and find the treatment option that is right for you.

Your feel-better moments are calling. What are you waiting for?

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When Accidents Happen
Our Orthopedic Trauma Team at Akron General is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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