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Joint Replacement

The Akron General Orthopedic Center has a history of outstanding clinical joint replacement results in treating damaged joints due to arthritis, birth defects, damaged cartilage, and traumas, such as car crashes and falls. The goal of any joint replacement is to provide a higher level of functioning and mobility so that patients can put their lives back into motion.

Our specialists are skilled in:

  • Knee joint replacement
  • Hip joint replacement
  • Shoulder joint replacement

Learn more about these procedures:

We also offer a unique education program for patients who are scheduled to have hip or knee replacement surgery, called Joint Camp. Designed for patients and caregivers, this program can help families know what to expect after surgery, during recovery and rehabilitation.

Orthopedic Rehab is available at multiple locations throughout Summit County through Akron General Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy and Akron General Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Institute or available in your own home through Akron General Visiting Nurse Service & Affiliates.

A comprehensive approach to quality helps promote success in joint replacement surgery
Orthopedic surgeons in the Section of Joint Replacement and Reconstructive Surgery optimize outcomes by taking a comprehensive approach to patient care. They stack the deck as much as possible in favor of the best outcome for each patient. Our goal is to have the joint replacement outlive the patient.

Preparing for joint replacement surgery
Preparation begins well before surgery to ensure the patient is healthy and has no preventable risks that could compromise surgical results. Patients are tested for staphylococcus (staph) bacteria, which can be found on healthy individuals typically without any concerns. For those undergoing joint replacement surgery, the presence of staph bacteria, if left unaddressed, can result in an added infection risk. The patient’s dental health and nutrition are also evaluated for potential concerns that can be addressed before surgery. For example, a patient who is overweight or underweight may be evaluated for nutritional counseling to ensure optimal recovery from their joint replacement surgery.

Akron General’s Orthopedic team prescribes both pre-operative testing and exercises to help prepare the body for joint replacement surgery. We take advantage of every opportunity for a successful implant and restored mobility. This includes strengthening the muscles before surgery to help them respond more quickly after surgery. Patients who receive pre-operative instruction from an Akron General physical therapist may continue with the same therapist after surgery for continuity of care.

Careful selection of the joint replacement implant
We match each patient with the optimal implant for their lifestyle and activity level. Long-term outcomes data is carefully considered when selecting the appropriate joint replacement implant. As a result, our orthopedic surgeons carefully fit prostheses and implant them using tried-and-true techniques that have worked well for years and fit the body appropriately.

Perfecting the patient experience
As our patients recover, Akron General is also pleased to offer all private patient rooms that are spacious enough for family and provide enough space to move around with a walker, cane or other assistive devices.

Exceptional care is provided by a superb nursing staff with Magnet status. Akron General orthopedic nurses excel in the management of postoperative joint replacement pain, using a variety of pain relieving medications and techniques.

Surveys consistently show that patients appreciate the quality of care and individual attention they receive at Akron General.

Our team has performed hundreds of total joint replacements at Akron General over many years, however, our priorities remain the same - a quality operation and an excellent experience for every single patient with results that last a lifetime.

Schedule an appointment
If you’ve been living with joint pain and are ready to do something about it, we’re ready to help. Call the Akron General orthopedic joint specialists to make an appointment at 330.344.BONE (2663).

Date Updated: 15-MAR-2017

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