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Having a Baby - Where to Check In

OB Emergencies & Monitoring
All unscheduled arrivals should check in at OB Triage, located inside the Labor & Delivery Unit at Akron General. This includes emergencies related to pregnancy, early labor or monitoring that has been requested by your doctor.

The close location of our birthing rooms and ORs, should a delivery happen quickly, helps ensure greater safety for babies and moms. As a provider of Level III Obstetric Service, our patients receive the highest level of obstetric care available. They also have the reassurance of having the Children's Special Care Nursery - a partnership with Akron Children's Hospital - right in the hospital. Should babies need extra monitoring and care, transportation to Akron Children's Hospital can happen quickly and smoothly.

Scheduled Labor (Inductions) and C-Sections
If you are scheduled for an induction or C-section, you will check in at Labor & Delivery. Our nurses understand the anxiety expecting parents and families have. They are happy to help get you checked in, settled and comfortable.

See a Campus Map & Driving Directions

Directions to Labor & Delivery
Main Entrance 
Enter through the Main Lobby of the hospital. Turn right, pass the cafe and follow the signs to the Brown Elevators. Just beyond the Brown elevators, you will enter the waiting area for OB Triage/Labor & Delivery through a double door. This double door is just left of the Akron General Visiting Nurse Service & Affiliates Retail Shop. Valet parking is available throughout the day for a nominal fee or low-cost parking is available in the Main Entrance Parking Deck.

Emergency Department
If the main entrance of the hospital is closed for the evening, you can either ring the bell at the main entrance for security to open the door, or you may enter through the Emergency Department.

If you have any trouble finding your way, please don't hesitate to ask any Akron General caregiver for help. We are happy to assist our patients and guests.

Date Updated: 15-JUN-2017


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