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8 Steps Before Baby

There's lots to do before baby arrives, so please take the time to complete this list so we have everything we need to care for you and your baby.

  1. Check Your Insurance Information. Now’s the time to make sure that you know what’s covered by your insurance plan. You need to make sure that the doctor you choose for your baby is covered by your plan. If you have questions, call the number on the back of your insurance card.

  2. Choose a Doctor for Your Baby. We need to know the name of your baby’s doctor before you deliver. Please complete the form “Now is the Time to Choose Your Baby’s Doctor,” and bring it with you when you are admitted. For information on a family practice physician for your baby, call Akron General’s Need-A-Physician free physician referral service at 330-344-AGMC (2462), or visit Find-A-Doctor on this website. For information on pediatricians, call Akron Children’s Hospital's Ask Children’s physician referral service at 1-800-358-KIDS (5437) or 330-543-2000, or visit

  3. Register in Advance. Please complete the Advanced Registration form and mail it back immediately. Remember to include the name of your baby’s doctor. If you do not have this form, please request one from the Akron General Women's Center at 330-344-6868.

  4. Complete the Birth Certificate Worksheet. Please complete as much as possible of Part A of the Birth Certificate Worksheet, and bring it with you to the hospital. Download a guide to help you. If you do not have this form, please request an Akron General Maternity Packet from the Akron General Women's Center at 330-344-6868.

  5. Infant Hearing Screening Information will be given to you after your admission to the hospital.

  6. Take a Look at Akron General’s Many Programs for Moms and Babies. Decide what’s right for you, and register now.

  7. Get Helpful Tips Here Online. Enjoy the tips on exercise, nutrition, parenting.

  8. Pack Your Bag. Don’t put it off until the last minute. Print a list to help you get started.

Date Updated: 16-JUN-2014


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