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Labor and Delivery - Your Hospital Stay

Whether your labor is scheduled or unexpectedly early, our staff is specially trained to help you and your family through the process. Planning ahead and being prepared for either type of delivery can be very helpful. To help you feel more comfortable, we offer a Labor & Delivery Virtual Tour and Online Registration for a tour of all our New Life Center areas, including the Special Care Nursery.

Labor and Delivery
From the routine deliveries to high-risk pregnancies, parents have the reassurance that Cleveland Clinic Akron General offers Level III Obstetric Service, the highest level of care available in obstetrics. Our specially trained staff, maternal-fetal medicine specialists and anesthesiologists are available 24-hours a day.

Expecting parents are also happy to learn that our private and spacious rooms are designed for labor and delivery while having special comforts. These features include the warm-water tub, rocking chairs, birthing balls, private bathrooms and showers and TVs for relaxation. Please feel free to bring in your own laptop, phone or portable device with preferred music playlists.

Click here for a map of the Women's Center 2nd Floor UnitsPostpartum
We offer a completely private birthing experience - a feature that's unmatched by any Akron hospital. After your little one arrives and your initial recovery in the labor and delivery unit, you will be moved to one of our mother-baby units for postpartum care. We offer 37 private rooms, each having a private bathroom. Our goal in creating a completely private birthing experience was to enhance our supportive environment for healing, restoration and family bonding.

During your stay in your mother-baby room, your infant will remain with you. We believe that new families should spend as much time as possible with their newborns while at Akron General. We also encourage breastfeeding and have staff available to help you meet this goal.

Sometimes baby is not ready to go home when mom is discharged from the hospital, when that is the case, we make every effort to offer a Mother-Infant Bonding program that lets mom stay at the hospital near baby until baby goes home.

Your baby will remain with you as much as you wish unless the doctor determines the need for closer evaluation. Although babies are usually with their parents, our secured nurseries are staffed around the clock and offer classes for parents about infant care.

Akron Childrens Hospital logoSpecialized Care Before Delivery - A Service for High-Risk Moms and Babies
Akron General cares for mom and baby during high-risk pregnancies and for fragile newborns. Moms who are on bed rest or require additional monitoring stay in our Peri-natal Unit, located just off of the Main Lobby. Nurses are able to monitor mom and baby at the bedside, from our nursing station or offices. For added safety and reassurance, an alerting feature notifies staff should changes arise quickly. We strive to offer all the comforts of home during mom’s extended stay.

Newborns Stay Close to Mom, Even Preemies - Children’s Special Care Nursery at Akron General
Nurse and motherOur very special partnership with Akron Children’s Hospital means that babies who need close observation can many times stay closer to mom in the Children’s Special Care Nursery at Akron General. When babies need an even higher level of care, they are transferred just a block away to Akron Children’s Hospital. Their parents can have confidence knowing that there’s a continuity of care with our special partnership.

Date Updated: 15-MAR-2017


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