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Preconceptual Services - Before Pregnancy

Infertility Specialists
For some, conception requires special attention and care. Cleveland Clinic Akron General has doctors on staff who specialize in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility and can assist with these special considerations. If you are having difficulties conceiving, talk to your doctor about infertility issues and to see if a specialist might be able to help.

Getting Healthy Before Baby
Every woman is aware of what pregnancy pounds are. And it may sound crazy, but being at a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and taking part in regular physical activity can increase your chances for conception, a healthy pregnancy, less complications during delivery, and most importantly having a healthy baby.

With nationally recognized Health & Wellness Centers, Akron General offers comprehensive wellness services to help women improve their health in preparing for pregnancy, programs to help expecting moms stay fit during pregnancy and a motivating staff to help new moms maintain their energy and routine.

Health & Wellness Services:

Nutritional counseling is also offered at our Main Campus, with or without a doctor's order for women who are planning a pregnancy, especially those who have special needs or are at risk for diabetes or gestational diabetes. Appointments can be made through our Centralized Scheduling line at 330.996.5760.

Bariatric Center:
Women who are severely overweight and are having difficulty conceiving because of it, or women who have medical conditions that can be improved through weight loss sometimes consider medical weight loss. This can be done through diet and exercise under the supervision of a medical doctor or through minimally invasive weight loss surgery. Both services are offered through the Akron General Bariatric Center.

Date Updated: 14-MAR-2017


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