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Partners Physician Group

1 Akron General Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44307

Akron General Partners Physician Group is a premier physician group practice dedicated to providing superior clinical care in an environment that enhances physician satisfaction.

Partners Physician Group was formed to help provide answers to the tough issues many of our private physician staff face on a daily basis. It centers around the concept of a large group of physicians from many specialties and practices working together, partnered with a health system that encourages practice autonomy.

Partners Physician Group offers assistance with office functions that weigh heavily on a physician’s time. Physician members have access to Akron General’s electronic medical record (EMR) to assist in providing safe, continuous and efficient patient care, both at the office and the hospital.

Partners Physician Group is a fully owned subsidiary of Akron General Partners, a member of the Akron General Health System. Partners Physician Group supports the mission of Akron General Medical Center to improve the health and lives of its patients and the community.

Partners Physician Group
Board of Directors 2015

Chair, Elliot Davidson, MD
Vice-Chair, Raymond Bologna, MD
Ben Alvarez, MD
Jack Bradford, MD
Kenneth Braman, DO
John Coyne
Andrew Fenton, MD
Michael Gallucci, Jr.
Jordan Grossman, DPM
Daniel Guyton, MD
William Kurtz
Eugene Pfister, MD
Sylvia Trundle

Craig Babbitt 
Debbie Gorbach 
Jeff Kovacs 
Susan McGrath
Alan Papa
Jeff Pike
Thomas L. "Tim" Stover, MD

Date Updated: 19-AUG-2015

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