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Halo Nurses

Halo Nurses at Akron General Medical Center are sponsored by the Akron General Foundation and provide support, education and stress management to patients who are referred by staff. The Halo Foundation, Inc., initiated in 1994, was the founder of the current Halo Nurse program, which is dedicated to aiding patients and their families during medical crises.

Halo Nursing Goals
To offer care that complements traditional medical care by providing patients with the physical, psychological and spiritual tools to deal more effectively with the stress and pain of serious illness.

Services Offered
Our team is comprised primarily of retired nurses whose focus is holistic nursing care, which includes stress management, therapeutic listening, relaxation techniques and guided imagery.

Halo Nurses visit hospitalized patients upon referral. Studies have shown that guided imagery can reduce anxiety, blood loss, post-operative pain and promotes faster healing. Halo Nurses also provide support to family members of patients, upon referral.

Referrals and Fees
Physicians, nurses and other staff members may refer patients to the Halo Nurse Program. This program is free and is supported by donations to the Akron General Foundation.

Patients and their families may request a Halo Nurse from their unit nurses.

Date Updated: 22-SEP-2011

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