Health and Wellness Symposium

> Akron General Wellness Symposium

Wellness as a Strategy
Discover the foundation for your community’s outpatient concept.

Is your organization positioned to be a credible and valuable partner in outpatient services and wellness?

Featuring keynote speaker and wellness expert,
Michael Roizen, MD, Chief Wellness Officer and Chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.

Let us help you provide access to prevention in your community while gaining loyalty.

The healthcare landscape has shifted dramatically. Join the movement and understand how to transform your traditional healthcare delivery model. Learn what you can do now to be prepared for the future of health care from the wellness leaders and experts at Akron General.

About the Health & Wellness Symposium

Health and Wellness Center WestWith nearly 20 years of experience in Health & Wellness Center management, Akron General has been committed to the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related disease, illness and injury. We prove our commitment by providing our communities with access to medically supervised fitness and education, along with clinical outpatient services, rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation care in an integrated hospital setting.

Call 330-665-8148 for registration information or register online here.

The deadline for early registration is Sept. 1, 2015.

This symposium will

  • Bring a unique "peer-to-peer"
    perspective on current
    outpatient delivery strategies
    and new, innovative
    approaches to population
    health management.
  • Explain how your organization
    can create an outpatient health
    & wellness center delivery
    model that will improve
    prevention, diagnosis, treatment
    and rehabilitation outcomes.

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