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Patient Safety

Cleveland Clinic Akron General is committed to your safety and care. We encourage you to be a patient safety advocate for yourself or loved one, whether you're being seen at the doctor's office for a cold, during an unexpected trip to the Emergency Department or when planning a scheduled surgery.

Nurse providing support to patient during stress test

Patient safety is built on a partnership between patients, families and healthcare professionals. It is the right of every patient to be actively engaged in their care - to fully understand the treatment they are receiving and to have all of their questions answered and their concerns addressed. If you have a concern about your safety while you are or were a patient at Akron General, we encourage you to contact:

Quality Improvement Department
Cleveland Clinic Akron General 
1 Akron General Avenue
Akron, OH 44307
Fax: 330.344.6156

All communication will be held confidential, unless otherwise requested or required by law.

We're continually looking to improve the safety of our patients and prevent any harm. We have an entire department dedicated to overseeing the safety of our patients. Best practices in patient safety are rapidly deployed.  

Patient Safety Information for Patients and Families
While our we provide training only to Akron General employees, we do provide information to patients and families about how they can have the best, safest stay possible by working with their provider, whether it’s Akron General or their primary care doctor. For information on safety information for patients and families, read Your Safety as a Patient, view this Patient Safety Video online and check out trusted Resources for Patients.

Date Updated: 25-MAY-2016

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