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Outstanding Care. Outstanding Doctors.

Akron General and patients thank our doctors this Doctors' Day.
“Doctors’ Day” is traditionally observed annually on March 30. Akron General acknowledges the immense contributions physicians make each and every day of the year. Thank you for your submissions about your favorite physicians – and thank you to all of our physicians!

Tell us who your top doc is!

May Azem, MD
She is intelligent, caring and listens to her patients.

Benson Bonyo, DO
Dr. Bonyo is very professional, friendly and very personable with patients, families and employees. Hats off to Dr. Bonyo!

Jennifer Davis, MD
She is a kind, caring and compassionate doctor. She puts every patient FIRST, and ensures that they each receive the highest standard of care here in our breast center! There is not one day that goes by that Dr. Davis does not go above and beyond for her patients! She has been a huge part of making this successful breast center - keep up the good work Dr. Davis! We appreciate you!

Brad Everly, MD
Dr. Everly opened his private practice a few years ago and I think he has what it takes for family practice. A very genuine doctor with tons of academia.

William Hartmann, MD
He has consistently provided our patients with expert and empathetic care. He is a consummate professional, is extremely approachable, and is a true collaborator with nursing in providing exceptional patient outcomes. Dr. Hartmann embodies all the qualities that we at Akron General consider to be essential in providing our patients and community with exceptional care and treatment. Kudos to him and to our department for having such a devoted team member.

Vinayak Hegde, MD
He is a caring physician who has taken the time to keep me informed and answer my questions during a series of tests that needed to be done.

James Hodsden, MD
He is an excellent physician and one of Akron General's finest, serving as Chairman of the P&T Committee, Director of the Echo Lab, Director of CCU and the many other positions he has had at Akron General which have included Director of the Residency Program, etc. He also is a wonderful teacher to medical students and residents. He is wonderful with patients and is an overall genuinely special man. I would like to see him get the recognition he deserves for all he has done for this hospital over the years.

Mark Horattas, MD
Dr. Horattas has such a calming influence and promotes such confidence in his patients during the entire surgical process. He readily answered questions and was very cognizant of my time and tried to expedite much of the process. I have recommended him to many! Thank you, Dr. Horattas!

Robert Kamienski, MD
I never got a chance to tell Dr. Kamienski thank you for saving my life. He performed a triple CABG on me and I owe my life (and my fancy chest incision ) to this fine physician.

Kelli Peiffer, DO
She is so understanding and cares about her patients. She is available to talk to you a lot. She is highly recommended and appreciates her patients. I recommend her to all of my family members and friends.

Deborah Plate, DO
Dr. Plate has been my doctor since my late 40's; I am now 73. She is very thorough in my visits. We go down a list, since I am basically in good health, to see if I might have missed something. Dr. Plate is very good at explaining things to me in laymen terms and doesn't push meds on me if I am reluctant but does give me some alternative solutions. I never dread my yearly checkup with my doctor.

Carole Savan, MD
She is so understanding and cares about her patients. She is available to talk to you a lot. She is highly recommended and appreciates her patients. I recommend her to all of my family members and friends.

Jennifer Savitski, MD
I would like to recognize Dr. Jennifer Savitiski for the wonderful care she provides to the patients and their families, and for her amazing support of the Akron General Nursing staff. As director of the OB/GYN Residency Program, she leads by example in her teaching and participation in community nursing events, such as the Pajama Program and the Annual Nurses Tribute held each August at St. Paul Church. Thank you, Dr. Savitski!

Molly Scantling, MD
Dr. Molly Scantling comes to the Hospice Care Center and faithfully cares for the patients, supports family members and always has time for staff and team members who need to talk on behalf of the patients. It is her consistent demeanor that makes her stand out. She is always professional but yet is so comforting to those that need it. Her warmth and sincere love of caring for patients and families is evident to all she encounters. Dr. Molly is a dedicated hospice doctor while being a wife and a devoted mother to six children!

Paul Steurer, MD
He is my favorite because he cares; all his patients love and respect him. He is kind but professional, and he puts forth his best effort in doing what is best for you. Dr. Steurer you are the best!

John Stewart, Jr., MD
When I was pregnant, he was the most helpful and most wonderful doctor ever. Please recognize Dr. John Stewart for always being available to his patients and to the nursing staff. He is an excellent teacher and is always willing to answer any questions or concerns with a smile and unlimited patience. Thank you, Dr. Stewart!

Dr. Stewart is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever come across. Dr. Stewart takes the time to listen to his patients and answer any and all questions they have. You can tell that he is genuinely concerned about each and every patient that he sees.

Wound Center physicians
These physicians have been a pleasure to work with. Those who left during the recent layoff were saddened because of the dedication they have to their patients. The remaining physicians have stepped up, covering clinics and taking on new patients. While no one likes change, these physicians have been a great support to the remaining staff. We deeply miss our former physicians (Drs. Campitelli, Chiarrappa, Parker and Scheatzle). They are wonderful physicians and people and we miss seeing them every day. We are extremely grateful for those that remain with us (Drs. Leone, Mostow, Pedersen, Pham, Tucker, D. Watkins) and also to our Medical Director Dr. Passero for his continued support with keeping our hopes alive, to continue to be an advocate for us, and seeing us into the future.

Date Updated: 28-MAR-2013

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