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About this Site

Who Produced This Information

Information that appears on this Web site has been authored by the Marketing Communications Department of Akron General Medical Center in conjunction with clinical departments and licensed medical professionals. The information presented on Akron General's Web site is not to be construed as medical recommendation, or as professional medical advice.

Some information that appears in our "Health Information" sections and in other various places has been authored and is housed by third party content providers. These sections are clearly marked. For more information about our third party content providers, please read the information we've provided in our Internet Privacy Policy.

Research information and clinical trials are update as often as possible by the Marketing Communications Department of Akron General in conjunction with clinical research coordinators. As research trials open and close on a regular basis, we recommend that individuals contact the clinical research coordinator for detailed information, availability and qualifications.

The Mission of Our Web Site

Akron General Medical Center is a not-for-profit teaching hospital, located in Akron, Ohio. Our Mission is to improve the health and lives of our patients and community. The purpose of our site is to provide health consumers with information about their health, about our hospital, and to help them make informed decisions. Our goal in producing this Web site is to offer information which accurately reflects the services we offer and physicians that practice here, in addition to providing information on conditions, treatment options, where we're located, and all of the things people can expect when coming here as a patient or as a visitor.

Use of External Links and Logos on Our Site

There are links that appear on our Web site to corporate partners who support the Akron General Development Foundation's initiatives, lease space in our facilities, or participate in a joint venture initiative with Akron General. We have made every effort to clearly indicate our relationships with these parties. The use of their logos is meant to indicate their support for our initiatives and is not intended as advertising or a means to support our Web site. On this site we also offer links to credible, non-profit organizations, which we feel may benefit the user, and links to tenants of our buildings. These are not intended to be endorsements and are meant for informational use only.

Honesty in Advertising & Editorial Policy

Akron General does not accept payment for, nor does it host any type of advertising or editorial for third-parties on this Web site. All content and graphics hosted on the Web site are meant for informational purposes or fall under our policy above: "Use of External Links and Logos on Our Site."

Funding of this Web Site

Funding for this Web Site is provided by Akron General Health System as a service to our community and for marketing purposes. No third-party or external source funding is accepted.

Contacting Us

Akron General does not offer medical advice via email. We will make every effort to answer your questions about our services or help you find the information you need. We will reply to inquiries sent through out Web site within three (3) business days or less. If a request is of urgent medical nature, contact your healthcare provider immediately. To request information, fill out our Contact Us form.

Date Updated: 07-APR-2010

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