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David Sigel, former patientDavid Sigel has quite a story to tell about how life can change in an instant and just what it means to have top quality medical care nearby.

David and his wife Marilyn have owned and operated a cattle trading business in Homerville for more than 50 years. David trades approximately 12,000 cattle a year, so loading bulls into a semi was a weekly routine for him. But one summer day in August, a bull that had only been at the farm for a short while lunged all 1300 pounds of fury at David and his life was instantly in jeopardy.

David tells us, "This particular bull had a lot of aggression so the minute we opened the gate to load him, he lunged at me and threw me against the wall. As soon as he knew I was down, he came at me full force and hit me again. That time, he hit me hard enough I heard my bones break. I curled up in a ball to protect my head and chest and he just absolutely attacked my lower torso. 911 was called and I was told my farmhand Bill helped me by getting the bull away. I don’t remember anything other than telling my wife to take care of the children and grandchildren and the farm, because I was certain I was going to die."

Town and Country Rescue squad showed up within minutes and he was taken to the Emergency Department at Lodi Community Hospital. He had several broken bones, punctures and lacerations and was immediately tended to and stabilized so he could be prepared for MedFlight transport to Akron General. David was taken right into surgery for his broken pelvis where they put in metal stabilizer pins. He stayed at Akron for a few days then came back to Lodi for the remainder of his care, which was approximately 30 days.

David couldn’t have asked for any better treatment. "I have extremely high praise for the efficiency of the nurses and the rehab staff," says David. "In addition, I was extremely fortunate to have my family and friends by my side at all times. It was very important to me to be here at Lodi to make things easier on my wife and the personal care I received at the hospital was second to none. The nurses were very attentive, the new rooms are very comfortable and the “At Your Room Service" meals were a nice benefit.

"I have used Lodi Community Hospital a few times in the past before all the changes and I am very impressed. We have always supported the hospital because it is an important asset to the community, but the greatest thing now is that the patient and medical care is better than ever and the personal touch has not been comprised," David said. "The employees are local people you have known for years or whose family you have known and so it is not like other hospitals, because you are not just another patient. You are treated like a personal friend or family member and that truly helps with the care and recovery."

"I tell everyone I see that I never thought I would walk again and Lodi Community Hospital is the reason why I am. I have even exceeded the doctor’s expectations for my recovery. I truly attribute my recovery to the rehab staff and the nurses at the hospital. Their words of encouragement every day meant everything to me. They believed I would walk again and they made me believe it, too. I have raved about my care and rehab to so many people recently that I know for a fact two of them have made the decision to come to the hospital for their care and rehab. After I left the hospital, I needed home health care and was pleased to find that Visiting Nurse Services (VNS) is part of the Akron General family, so I was able to continue my rehab at home with many of the same therapists I had at the hospital."

David adds, "Lodi Community Hospital is a necessity to this community and my wife and I are proud to support it. We are so fortunate to have had Lodi and Akron General join forces and provide the kind of advanced medical care and access that many communities like ours do not receive. Being long time supporters, my wife and I believe it is important to give back as much as you possibly can and I encourage others to support and encourage the growth at the hospital in every way possible."

"We have many farmers in the area and a good share of industry, which means a lot of situations where accidents can happen and immediate medical care can mean the difference between life and death. My life was in jeopardy and I know if the rescue squad hadn’t come so quickly and the hospital had not been right here, I would not have survived to share my story. Thank you, Lodi Community Hospital, for saving my life."

 Date Updated: 15-MAR-2017

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