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Rehab and Physical Therapists Leave Lasting Impressions, Habits

Ronald Klamert couldn't raise his arm above his shoulder. He could only sleep if he was positioned exactly the right way. He had constant aches and pains. But after rehab at Edwin Shaw, Ron was able to get back to his daily routine, work and much more without limitations.

"I had almost zero range of motion and was in a considerable amount of pain when I went in for an MRI in November," Ron said.

Ron's MRI revealed a torn rotator cuff, and his physician scheduled him for surgery in February.

Ron's surgery successfully repaired his torn rotator cuff, however, this was only the beginning of Ron's recovery. Post-operative physical therapy at Edwin Shaw Rehab—White Pond helped Ron regain a full range of motion, as well as his strength.

Ron began physical therapy sessions in mid-March, and continued his twice-a-week appointments until the end of June. There, he worked with therapists Diane Wargo, PT, and Sarah Artzner, PT, to improve his range of motion, increase shoulder strength and get back to his everyday activities.

About his experience with Edwin Shaw therapists, Ron said, "The staff out there is wonderful. Diane and Sarah were great to work with."

While Ron appreciates the time and help of his therapists, he also remembers the challenges that he faced, especially during his first weeks of therapy.

"The therapists at Edwin Shaw expect a lot out of their patients, and they should! It's their job to get patients back to their daily lives as quickly as possible, and that requires hard work during therapy."

Since completing his therapy, Ron has full use of his shoulder and has gradually built up his strength. His experience at Edwin Shaw, however, has left a lasting impact on Ron's daily habits.

"I learned a lot of lessons throughout my experience, I like to call it wisdom actually. If you want continued success with your therapy and your recovery, then you have to keep it up, even when the doctor says you're technically 'done.' "

Ron continues to increase his strength and range of motion by exercising regularly and stretching—habits he learned from therapists at Edwin Shaw Rehab.

 Date Updated: 15-MAR-2017

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