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  • Akron General Health System and Kent State University create unique collaborative
    to research in the areas of wellness and disease prevention.
  • Wellness is the new healthcare.At Akron General, we are shifting from reactive sick care to preventive well care.
  • Akron General’s Wellcare model as the way to shape up a sick-care industry.
1 Wellness is the new healthcare.2 Akron General’s Wellcare model as the way to shape up a sick-care industry.3


Wellness is Medicine in the Akron Community

In the video above, hear from community members how our newest center has impacted their health and lives.

Join the discussion on the changing model of national health care in the United States.

"Treatment of chronic illness is now driving the explosion healthcare costs, yet many of those conditions are preventable through lifestyle choices. Treatment is good; prevention is better. And by the way, it ends up costing less."

   — John Begala, executive director for the Center for Community Services Solutions, Cleveland, Ohio

Keeping You Out of the Hospital

What if we could cut hospital bills in half by preventing disease from ever happening? We can. Akron General has been using wellness as medicine for two decades through Akron General LifeStyles - a medically based program that's about lifestyle changes.    
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From Concept to Reality – We can help make the Wellness Concept Real

Akron General recognizes that wellness and prevention are keys to good health – that is why we have created our Health and Wellness Centers. These centers are out-patient facilitates that bring together a wide range of clinical and retail-oriented health services in an effort to significantly improve the health of the communities they are in. Since our first center opened in 1996, we have not only been operating and building additional centers, we have also been partnering with communities all throughout the U.S. to help them assess, plan, build and manage centers that help their communities live well.

For more information about our consultative services contact:

Doug Ribley, Senior Vice President, Wellness

Matt Edwards, Director of Business Development

Skinnying Down the Hospital Visit

Continued integration of higher acuity outpatient services, like that of an emergency room and operating room, will become the trend as our population ages and providers are forced to rethink payment and find creative ways to offer effective, value-driven health care.    
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