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Take a virtual Tour of the Main Lobby and 2nd Floor of Main Hospital
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How to Use the Virtual Tour

Use the buttons at the bottom of the picture to navigate the tour. You will see "hotspots," which indicate where important landmarks are or indicate that another tour is available of that location. The map at the right, will help you to see where you are relative to other locations.

This virtual tour was designed to help our patients and guests feel more comfortable about knowing where to go. Along the way, you'll see some of our most frequently visited places on the second floor:

  • Main Lobby Entrance: This tour begins with our Main Lobby Entrance is located at 1 Akron General Avenue (GPS Coordinates: 41.077689, -81.532035 or N41°4.66134, W081°31.9221). The Main Lobby includes the Information Desk, Admitting and non-denominational Chapel.
    Parking is available in three different decks or through our valet parking attendants. Our Information Desk, which is located at our main entrance, will be happy to assist you with directions and other special needs you might have during your visit or stay.
  • Community Health Library: Located to left of the Information Desk
  • Petite Cafe
  • Gift Shop
  • Brown Elevator area: Close to Labor & Delivery, Akron General Visiting Nurse Service & Affiliates Equipment Store, and patient rooms ending with 200's and 300's. For example 5255 is located on the 5th floor nearest the Brown Elevator.
  • Blue Elevator area: Close to Surgery Welcome Center, Security, and patient rooms ending with 100's. For example 3155 would be located on the 3rd floor, nearest the Blue Elevator.

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